Fine Cleaner

Job Description: FINE CLEANER

Pay Range: $18 – $20/hr

Position Summary  

A Fine Cleaner at SLG Construction (“SLG” or the “Company”) must have experience in deep cleaning or housekeeping, and knowledge of cleaning supplies (when and how to use them).  The Fine Cleaner worker must take care to only use products suited for the type of material being cleaned. For example, workers cannot use harsh chemicals or cleaners when dealing with delicate materials such as granite, marble, or quartz.   Fine Cleaners often interact with and are visible to SLG’s clients, ownership, and/or the general public. Therefore, they must act and appear in the most professional manner possible.


40 Hours of safety training in accordance with Local Law 196 requirements.

High school diploma/GED preferred.

Possess basic understanding of construction principles and procedures.

Able to adjust to changes in tasks and work shifts with little to no notice.

Team player with the ability to work closely with a variety of team members to achieve the overall goals of the company and team.

Ability to communicate and work effectively with others.

Responsible, reliable, trustworthy.

*Specialized training may be required for certain aspects of the position.

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